Saint Guinefort – the miraculous doggo saint!

The medieval cult of saints is a very colorful and intricate religious weave of stories and people. But did you know that during the 13th century a massive cult in France arose – around a dog! His name was Guinefort, Saint Guinefort even. This is his story:

dog saint

During the 13th century there was a handsome hound named Guinefort, living outside Lyon with a knight and his wife. One day the knight and wife left Guinefort at home babysitting their baby sleeping in a crib. But WOE, a big snake makes it into the house and attacks the crib! Valiant Guinefort quickly turns the crib over, protecting the baby and after a bloody fight kills the sneaky snake. A very good boy indeed!

Bloody turn of events

But when the parents come home to find the baby crying on the floor and their doggo all bloody they think Guinefort attacked their new born child, and the knight immediately kills our hero with a sword. But they soon realize their grave mistake when they find the dead snake  next to the crib… The knight and his wife decides to bury their courageous canine and make him a little shrine. And soon pilgrimages start and a Saint Guinefort cult was born, the pooch patron saint for infants!

Catholic discontent for pooch praise

But obviously the boring catholic church didn’t like this at all and the very evil inquisitor Stephen of Bourbon deemed the Guinefort cult satanic, destroyed the shrine and spread the rumour that all babies that had been taken to the shrine to be blessed was actually sacrificed to the devil.

But we all know better don’t we… all hail our galant Guinefort, the brave french pooch!

(And yes, i know this story isn’t a 16th century one, but I just couldn’t stop myself from telling this magnificent story about a truly miraculous mutt!)

2 thoughts on “Saint Guinefort – the miraculous doggo saint!

    • Yes poor doggo indeed 😦 I guess being a valiant pooch during the medieval times wasn’t easy. All though, I do love the fact that there was a big cult around him, and that he was the first and only dog saint in history. Just imagen if that shrine was still around! Amazing!


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