Reenactment: female pilgrims 16th century

Me and a friend shared a mutual interest for Northern European early 16th century female pilgrims and decided to recreate their gear. Our inspirations are of simple female clothing during the period but also the early modern pilgrims that we found depictions of. The entire outfit is not complete yet – we want more winter wear also, and yet have to make proper bags for longer travels.

The clothes are all handsown by us, all equipment and accessories handmade by us or friends that are crafts men. Everything is in materials of the time such as wool, linnen, silk threads, leather and oak.



Our lovely hats are historically handmake by Amica at They are based on depictions of 16th century pilgrims.

image2 (1)


Our lovely shoes are historically handmade by Sofia at They are inspired from depictions of 16th century peasant shoes and also findings from the Mary Rose.

image1 (1)

I’m adding some of the inspirational pictures of 16th century pilgrims that we used during the process. Depicitions of female pilgrims during the period are, as always, alot fewer:

Please visit our amazing friends at Historical Textiles and Historiska Skor!

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